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PatrimonCube leads the capital increase of Vanilla Rocket

Milan, Nov. 1, 2022

PatrimonCube leads €300k capital raise in Vanilla Rocket, backed by a group of Business Angels.

Vanilla Rocket develops rapidly scalable solutions for 3D interactive Digital Collectibles and Phygital Twins leveraging the latest Blockchain technologies. Vanilla Rocket develops and markets B2B2C platforms that maintain usability by a wide audience, thanks to low fees and the ability to use the platform with FIAT currencies.

"Vanilla Rocket seems to be in the right place at the right time."-said Alberto Giusti, Managing Partner of Patrimon Cube-"We live in a time when tokenization and the logic of collecting are changing existing businesses and creating new ones. The technology developed by Vanilla Rocket is the answer to clear market needs. We are pleased to join them on this journey and are excited to see the results the company will achieve."

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