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PatrimonCube enters the capital of 4Timing Sim 


Turin, Oct. 4, 2021

PatrimonCube, a startup and innovative SME investment holding company, is participating in the capital increase of 4Timing Sim with the aim of accelerating the growth of the flexible asset management market. 4T is a securities brokerage company, independent of the banking and insurance institutions, which administers funds of private and institutional clients worth more than 200 million euros. The Sim's business model is innovative and particularly attractive to financial advisors, enabling them to work independently with digital processes and streamlined bureaucracy. 4Timing ensures transparency and low costs for its clients thanks in addition to timely and effective communication of the results achieved. The absence of expensive intermediaries, typical of most networks, allows the value created to be distributed both to the client, in terms of lower costs, and to the financial advisor, in terms of higher revenues.

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